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hink of hair color! Do it yourself

There is a lot of cash ignored within the parlor to paint, and fear of being an hypersensitivity to the shade used inside the house. Then the way? Take the color of your favorite coloration, natural elements, nearly free.

if you want some mild sunglasses inside the hair?
mix a cup of lemon juice with half of a cup of water and fill the spray bottle. Spray the part of hair that you need to light the shade. live in the daylight for at the least an hour or use a Blow Dryer. After one hour, follow hair conditioner to hair shampoo. you can get consequences in more than one weeks every week.

Do the red coloration?
Take a cup of bits and carrots blended with spray bottle. Dry the hair very well by spraying. follow the conditioner after shampoo after one hour. Do it twice a week to get the preferred color.

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