Doing after cyclone – blogoron

Doing after cyclone - blogoron

Cyclone can be surge or surge It is very difficult to work with the head during the natural disorder. However, after the thunderstorm stops:

• Do not wait for government or NGO help, they will have to start work

• It is easy to work in the entire area if the youth of the area make some groups together

• Lightning may tear him down, be careful while walking

• If the plants break down, move them away and make arrangements for the streets

• Help the people in the shelter return home

• If someone’s home is damaged, then come forward with relatives or neighbors

• If you are a cowboy, take it home safely

• Provide dry food and clean water to the poor for at least a few days with the help of everyone

• If a person is injured, make arrangements for quick treatment

• If there is no electricity, then adequate candles are provided in every home

• Try to return to normal life as soon as possible.

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